KHTS Hometown Station Endorses Wilk

It’s with gratitude that I announce another endorsement of my candidacy in the 21st Senate District race, from another outstanding organization, KHTS AM 1220!

With the momentum of the campaign growing, and the continued support, it is clear to me that my dedication to the community and continued desire to improve and repair our great state is something that resonates with my friends and neighbors.

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KHTS Hometown Station

“The biggest challenge we face in California is the dysfunction in Sacramento. Our Senate and Assembly have evolved into a polarization on both sides of the aisle. Democrats are controlled by the rigid Union lobby and many republicans are so far to the right compromise isn’t part of their vocabulary. So we have a Legislature that often isn’t making decisions that is best for our residents and most often it is simply punting and not addressing tough challenges that need immediate solutions.

Wilk has proven he is one of Sacramento’s few legislators who has the respect from both his Republican and Democratic peers.”

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