On The Issues

Standing Strong, And Getting The Job Done To Build a Better California.

Scott’s father, Jack, was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1956 after serving in Korea. Jack and his wife Lois departed Pittsburgh, PA to seek a better life out west. They landed in Lancaster where Jack began a 35-year career in aerospace.

Three short years later Scott was born in Antelope Valley Hospital.

Scott’s parents were witness to a creative and dynamic state government that believed in the possibilities of its people, and fostered an environment that allowed people to thrive.

Today, we live in a different era.

Sacramento has been high jacked by powerful insiders and special interests.

Too often, those who work hard and play by the rules are left behind.

As a husband and a father, Scott is concerned that his children will not have the opportunities that were afforded him.

During the last four years Scott has worked to put party politics aside and worked to build a better California.

Some of the actions Assemblyman Wilk has taken have helped set the table for more economic growth, more reliable water supplies and better educational opportunities.

But, Scott believes we still have a long way to go.


Strengthening The Economy

Scott Wilk Fighting for the Economy

The largest hotel chain in the world, Airbnb, doesn’t own property and the largest taxi cab company, Uber, doesn’t own a single car.

Sacramento political elites don’t understand the new information age economy. So Sacramento enforces conformity at the expense of innovation through heavy taxation and over-regulation which discourages entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create jobs.

Invest in Infrastruture

To enhance economic growth and to improve the quality of life of every Californian we need more robust infrastructure. Whether that means water, roads or fiber optics this should be one of the highest priorities for Sacramento.

6500 High Desert Jobs

As co-author of the Aerospace Tax Credit, Scott’s leadership allowed California to land a $60 billion contract federal government’s new long-range bomber. The $420 million tax incentive will create 6,500 jobs in the high desert region.

Source: AB 2389 & SB 178

Ensuring Reliable Water Supplies

California’s water infrastructure has not been upgraded in over 50 years and has failed to provide sufficient water for California’s residents and employers. Scott coauthored Proposition 1 to solve that problem and create new jobs by investing in water infrastructure. The new water storage and conveyance systems will help solve California’s water problems and ensure we have sufficient water for our families and businesses. (Source: SB 866)

Scott earned a


rating from the California Taxpayers Association

Save Consumers 76 Cents Per Gallon

By coauthoring the “Affordable Gas for California Families Act,” Scott is fighting to save consumers up to $.76 for a gallon of gas.

Source: AB 23

Demanding Excellence In Education

Scott Wilk Demanding Excellence In Education

As a former PTA dad, elementary school site council member and a community college board of trustee, Scott believes in the freedom of every child to have equal opportunity in education, regardless of their race or zip code.

Parents know that every child learns differently.

That’s why in the State Senate, Scott will work to enact educational reforms that allow for a more open education system where tax dollars follow the child, and parents can choose whatever school works best for their children.

Scott is already working to improve our schools by successfully fighting to increase funding and pushing for better vocational education. Strike vocational education and replace with Career technical Education (CTE).

In the State Senate, Scott will continue his efforts to raise academic standards. He will continue to advocate for educational reforms and strive to fully fund public education.

Increased Funding For Local Schools

Scott supported Governor Brown’s local control funding formula that gives greater control to local school boards and pumps additional dollars into the school districts that need it most.

By backing efforts to increase funding for local schools and enacting reforms that allowed school districts more control over their resources, Assemblyman Wilk helped lay the groundwork to improve educational opportunities.

Because of the bipartisan reforms Scott helped enact, school districts now have the resources to extend the school day so that students have more time to learn, provide safer learning environments, reinstate after-school programs and/or expand vocational education.

Source: AB 97

Getting Dangerous Teachers Out Of The Classroom

Scott supported bipartisan legislation that sped up the dismissal process for a teacher accused of severe misconduct.

Source: AB 215

Enacting The Middle Class Scholarship Act

Scott helped enact the “The Middle Class Scholarship Act.”

The new law will help keep the middle class from being squeezed out of our public universities, prevent thousands of students from dropping out of college for financial reasons and stop other young people from piling up debt.

Source: AB 94

Making College More Affordable

Scott co-authored measures encouraging Cal State Universities to provide a four-year degree at a cost of approximately $12,000, keep community college fees down and guarantee a fixed tuition rate for in-state freshman and transfer students at CSU.

Source: AB 1924, AB 67 and AB 138

Scott Wilk Demanding Excellence In Education

Empowering Parents To Improve Schools

Empowering parents and teachers coupled with higher academic standards will equip students to be able to compete in the ever-changing global economy.

That’s why Scott coauthored a measure to expand the number of schools that may be reformed through the Parent Empowerment Act by allowing parents in the bottom 30% of California’s public schools to petition for, and enforce substantial reform of their neighborhood school.

Source: AB 815

Improving Career Counseling

By supporting a new law that requires professional development career and vocational counseling for pupils pursuing college, career technical education, Scott helped ensure that a good education will help secure a good job.

Source: SB 451

Improving Teacher Accountability

By coauthoring AB 1078, Scott is fighting to require more frequent teacher evaluations so we know which teachers are doing a good job in the classroom and which are not.

Source: AB 1078

Fiscally Responsible Leadership

Scott Wilk Fighting for the Economy

Save Billions By Repurposing High Speed Rail Funds

California’s high-speed rail program does not pencil out and is a waste of $64 billion dollars.

In an effort to prioritize our tax dollars and solve our water crisis, Scott authored a measure to give voters the opportunity to halt the high-speed rail project and repurpose up to $8 billion of those dollars to build new water storage facilities, improve water conservation and capture future rainfall.

Source: AB 1866

Helped Establish A Rainy Day Fund

Working with Governor Brown, Scott coauthored a bipartisan constitutional amendment (Proposition 2) that established a rainy day fund that will reduce “boom and bust budgeting” that creates pressure to raise taxes or cut essential programs to education, the developmentally disabled community or public safety.

Source: ACA X2 1(2014 – Special Session)

Protecting Neighborhoods From Crime

Kept 10,000 Dangerous Felons in Prison

Scott helped keep 10,000 felons from being released from state prison and out of our neighborhoods.

Source: SB 105

Helping Victims Of Domestic Violence

Scott worked with Women Escaping a Violent Environment to stop perpetrators of domestic violence from using GPS tracking to stalk their victims.

Source: AB 1407

Tackling Gangs, Child Pornographers And Drug Dealers

Wilk worked with law enforcement to pass a new law to allow prosecutors to freeze the assets of criminal organizations involved in dealing drugs, child pornography and human trafficking.

Source: AB 443

Preventing Child Abuse

By coauthoring a measure with a Democrat legislator, Scott worked to require school districts to adopt a policy regarding child abuse reporting and clearly explain the policy to all school employees.

Source: AB 135

Fighting Human Trafficking

Scott coauthored a measure that will enable law enforcement to use wiretap[s] to investigate, apprehend and prosecute those human traffickers who are exploiting their victims.

Source: AB 156

Cracking Down On Sex Offenders

Assemblyman Wilk coauthored a measure requiring any paroled sex offender to serve time in prison if they fail to register as a sex offender.

Source: AB 2

Reforming a Failed Government

Sickened by corruption, backroom deals and the lack of transparency in state government, Scott coauthored legislation to require the budget bill and related trailer bills to be in print electronically for at least three days prior to a vote.

Source: AB 70

Enact The Legislative Transparency Act

Scott believes too many legislative deals are cut behind closed doors and we need to force political elites to be more transparent. That’s why he supports the Legislative Transparency Initiative that requires bills to be posted online for 72 hours and requires hearings to be streamed online.

Scott also wrote legislation to ensure state boards and agencies are conducting all meetings in an open, transparent manner.

Source: AB 85 (2015)

Stop Paying Crooked Politicians

Scott backed a new law that allows pay and benefits to be withheld from legislators suspended because they are accused of political corruption or other crimes.

Source: SCA 17


Lowering Veterans Tuition Costs

Assemblyman Wilk helped veterans get a college degree by reducing tuition rates.

Source: SB 290

  • Stop Discrimination Against Veterans

    Assemblyman Wilk helped establish a “Work for Warriors” program that provides direct placement employment services to unemployed and underemployed service members, veterans, and military families.Source: AB 930.

  • Ensuring Veterans Programs Work

    Scott backed successful efforts to ban employment discrimination against veterans and the active duty military. (Source: AB 556)

  • Protecting Veterans Programs

    After seeing how government mismanaged veteran programs, Scott backed reforms ensuring funds spent on veterans housing are spent effectively so we can help veterans in need without wasting tax dollars.Source: AB 388.

  • Help Disabled Veterans

    By co-authoring a new law to help California’s disabled veterans get the assistance they need to care for their families, Scott helped ensure that those who sacrificed for our nation receive the support they need to lead productive lives.Source: AB 1094

Make Politicians Live Like Us

Scott believes the Legislature should live under the same laws that it compels its citizens to live under. Covered California, our state’s version of the Affordable Care Act, now has 1.4 million people enrolled. After the Unemployment Office, the most complaints his office receives is about Covered California. He thought the best way to ensure the program was effective would be to require Legislators to enroll in Covered California. So he introduced AB 1109 to make that happen. (Source AB 1109)

Providing Equal Opportunity

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Scott backed the California Fair Pay Act, a new law that requires equal pay for women. Wilk also gave female workers new tools to challenge unfair wages when he supported the strongest equal-pay protection law in the nation.
Source: SB 358

Provide More Flexible Health Care For Women

Scott worked to require health plan and health insurers to allow a woman to enroll in or change individual health benefits if she becomes pregnant.
Source: AB 1102

Helping The Disabled

Wilk voted to help the developmentally disabled community to help them become more independent.
Source: AB X2 1(2016 Special Session)

Fight Discrimination

Scott co-authored a measure honoring the federal Voting Rights Act and urging continued efforts to secure citizens’ right to vote and prevent racial discrimination in voting.

Source: AJR 13