Santa Clarita Valley Endorses Wilk

Thank you to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal Editorial Board for their endorsement of my candidacy in the 21st Senate District.

Being born and raised in the district, I have the passion, seasoned leadership and proven track record of delivering that I hope will give people confidence in casting their vote for me on November 8th.

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The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

“Wilk has succeeded at working with Democrats in the Legislature. During his four years in office he co-authored two jobs bills that helped industries in both the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys: AB 1839, which provided tax incentives to keep film and television jobs in California, and AB 2389, which provided tax incentives for aerospace jobs.

Wilk has introduced legislation to provide a backup plan in case the Cemex mega-mine is not blocked on the federal level, and he is among the more informed candidates for any statewide office on the chloride issue involving state mandates imposed on the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District.

Wilk also is among the leaders in a drive for greater transparency in the statehouse.”

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